Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | September 23, 2013

9-23-2013 Host Amy Jester Discusses Leading from the Inside Out with Pia Infante of Rockwood Leadership Institute

ImageLeading from the inside out is a practice that can support diverse leaders in exploring and navigating opportunities and challenges before them. It encourages authentic relationship, supports the ability to have courageous conversations, and acknowledges the power of vulnerability. Pia Infante, Director of Organizational Partnerships at Oakland-based Rockwood Leadership Institute, joins host Amy Jester to discuss six principles that guide their nationally renowned leadership development programs and support leaders in developing their authentic, personal, empowered, and transformational leadership styles.

Principles include:

1. Purpose: To live and lead from the principles which give our lives meaning.

2. Vision:  To create and articulate a clear and compelling picture of our desired future.

3. Partnership:  To build and maintain strong interdependent relationships that advance our vision.

4. Resilience:  To shift from reactivity to a state of resourcefulness in moments of stress and crisis.

5. Performance:  To enhance our capacity to produce results that further our vision.

6. Personal Ecology:  To maintain balance, pacing, efficiency to sustain our energy over a lifetime of activism.

Pia Infante will be working with leaders on the North Coast as part of  NorCAN’s October 10 Regional Nonprofit Conference, Strong as Redwoods: Unlocking the Potential of People and Place. More information about Pia and  Rockwood Leadership Institute can be found at


To listen to Amy’s conversation with Pia Infante clidk the following link:    


To download the show go to the Entries RSS option under the META menu at right. 

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