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April 15, 2019: The Stuff We Don’t Need. Host Emma Breacain talks with Artist and Recology Manager Linda Wise About Garbage.

L_WISE_9291 (002)

Photo by Linda Wise

Linda Wise will make you feel excited to look around your home and see if you can be making less waste, and handling the waste you make more responsibly. Because it’s not going anywhere.

Whether it gets trucked across town, shipped to another continent, buried in the ground beneath us, burned into the atmosphere above us, or recycled into something else, everything around us is effectively here to stay.

Might as well have some fun with it.

In her role as General Manager of Humboldt Recology and in her personal social networking, Wise is an enthusiastic promoter of products and practices that lessen our impact on our environment.


Photo by Linda Wise

Among those are: homemade dishwasher soap and wax paper; box-free and tube-free toothpaste; reusable drinking straws and food containers and produce bags and shopping bags; and good old bulk buying. The first step, she says, is to refuse excess packaging and waste whenever possible, before it gets into your shopping cart or your home.


Photo by Linda Wise

In her role making art for the public and for her own amusement at home, Wise gives discarded objects new life in kooky dioramas and regal metal sculptures. She also paints in oil.


To listen to and/or download this program, click the following link:

TTEOW Linda Wise and Emma Breacain

Here are some additional resources Wise recommends for those inspired by today’s conversation about all the things we no longer need:


Sorting Guides



Portrait of Elizabeth Taylor by Linda Wise, oil on used silk screen.











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