EFORcover_web800px-200x280“Food is all around us.  The way my mother said it was lovely, meaningful, and true.  It was as true in the early 1940s, the years of my childhood, as it is today, more than seventy years later  she would tell me this when I followed along as she tended the plants in her Victory garden:  that we Indians would never starve.  This wasn’t because of the precious vegetables she carefully raised in her garden, but because there is food all around us.  All we had to do was know when to collect and how to prepare the many foods that are created for us and all the other living beings living here.  There is enough for all.”  –Kathleen Rose Smith from her book  “Enough For All, Foods Of My Dry Creek Pomo And Bodega Miwuk People, ” published by Heyday Press in 2014.

Kathleen Rose Smith (Bodega Miwuk/Dry Creek Pomo) is a member of the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria. She grew up in the Healdsburg area. searchHer book “Enough For All”  draws on knowledge accumulated and handed down through generations of Southern Pomo tribes.  The book celebrates California Indian food gathering and preparation, and the social and spiritual aspects as well. Kathleen Smith’s family stories, recipes and philosophy are interspersed with her original artwork creating a small gem that pays tribute to generations of Indian people living in their ancestral homelands.

The cover photo of the book pictured at the top are of wild grapes gathered by Kathleen Rose Smith in 1979 in the homeland of her mother Lucy Lozinto Smith (Mihilakawna Pomo), along Warm Springs Creek, which is now beneath the waters of Lake Sonoma behind Warm Springs Dam.  The grapes sit atop a basket made by prominent basket weaver Elsie Allen (Makahmo Pomo) as a fiftieth wedding anniversary present for the author’s parents.


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4-20-15 Host Emma Breacain Speaks With Journalist Kym Kemp About Marijuana


Kym Kemp is a multifaceted woman living in a beautiful part of California that has much to enjoy, so it might not be fair that through the course of a career that has included reporting on the happenings in Southern Humboldt County, this photographer, martial artist, teacher, mom and non-smoker has somehow picked up the moniker “Kym Kemp, Queen of Hemp,” but there you go.

In today’s show, the lifelong Humboldt resident gives her take on the history of Humboldt’s enormous and still mostly illegal marijuana scene, and offers some context and speculation into the future and the seemingly inevitable legalization of marijuana in California, what form legalization might take, and what it might do to our town.

Kemp also talks about the tough decision to part ways with Humboldt’s extremely venerable news outlet Lost Coast Outpost, and the expansion of her own news blog, The Redheaded Blackbelt.



To listen to and/or download this segment click the following link:     4-20-2015 Emma Breacain_Kym Kemp

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April 14, 2015 Correction to Kathleen Marshall’s Blog Post of April 6, 2015

The TTEOW host from 2009 heard in the ‘blast-from-the-past’ episode aired on 3-23-2015 was mistakenly identified as Kathy Srabian. In fact the host is Maria Bartlett, speaking with Buffy Saint-Marie.

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April 13, 2015 Host Corinne Frugoni Interviews Poet Kay Ryan


Born in California in 1945 and acknowledged as one of the most original voices in the contemporary landscape, Kay Ryan is the author of several books of poetry, including Flamingo Watching (2006), The Niagara River (2005), and Say Uncle (2000). She has received most of the awards American Poetry has to give. Her book The Best of It: New and Selected Poems (2010) won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry.

For years, Kay had been considered a kind of outsider to the literary world and for years Kay felt compelled to write poetry.  Her commitment, creativity and talent were recognized in 2008 when the Library of Congress appointed her U.S. Poet Laureate. She held the position for two terms, using the appointment to champion community colleges like the one in Marin County, California where she taught for over thirty years.  Since 2006 she has served as a Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets. More recently she received a MacArthur Fellowship Grant and the  Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize among many others.

Ryan examines enormous subjects—existence, consciousness, love, loss—in compact poems that have immensely powerful resonance.  She regards the ‘rehabilitation of clichés’ as part of the poet’s mission. Her unique rhyme schemes and style have earned her the status of one of the great living American poets with her feet on the ground and with a gentle self-deprecating sensibility.

Here is one of the poems she shared during this interview:


From other

angles the 

fibers look

fragile, but 

not from the 

spider’s, always

hauling coarse

ropes, hitching

lines to the

best posts

possible.  It’s 

heavy work


fighting sag,

winching up

give.  It

isn’t ever


to live.

Watch for a new book of Kay Ryan’s poetry Erratic Facts published by Grove Press due to be out at the end of this year.

To view a video of Kay Ryan, click the following:  Kay Ryan named 2011 #MacFellow, @Macfound Fellow http://shar.es/1gjPq4 via @sharethis

To listen to and/or download this segment click the following link:  4-13-2015 Corinne_Kay Ryan


Michele Simon, JD, MPH

Michele Simon, JD, MPH

Michele Simon is a public health lawyer specializing in legal strategies to counter corporate tactics that harm the public’s health. She has been researching and writing about the food industry and food politics since 1996. Also an expert in alcohol policy, for 4.5 years she served as research and policy director for Marin Institute (now Alcohol Justice), an alcohol industry watchdog group based in Northern California. Her groundbreaking 2007 report on alcoholic energy drinks led to federal action to ban the dangerous products.

Appettie for profitAppetite for Profit: How the Food Industry Undermines Our Health and How to Fight Back, was published by Nation Books in 2006. New York University Professor Marion Nestle (who calls the book “brilliant”) has made it required reading for her nutrition students. An accomplished and engaging speaker, Simon lectures internationally on corporate tactics and policy solutions. She has a master’s degree in public health from Yale University and received her law degree from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law.

Michele also provides legal services to food and beverage companies, working “of counsel” with Foscolo and Handel PLLC, The Food Law Firm.


  • National Association of Nutrition Professionals’ Community Award (2013)
  • Nutritional Therapy Association’s Award of Excellence (2013)
  • FOLIO Magazine Awards, Single Article, Honorable Mention (2014)
  • Minnesota Magazine Publishers Association, General Interest, Bronze (2014)

To listen to and/or download this segment click the following link:   4-6-2015 Lynden_Michelle Simon

Through the Eyes of Women has been on the KHSU airwaves for 30 years.  During the month of March we presented 3 shows-blasts from our past.  You will find all three at the bottom of this post; one each from 1985, 1995 and 2009, along with our anniversary, documentary style show about the history of the show, the women who started it all and those who have kept it going over the years.

Ruth Mountaingrove 2015

Ruth Mountaingrove 2015

Ruth Mountaingrove, Ina Harris and Belle Shalom are the founding mothers of Through the Eyes of Women.  In 1985 they found a new medium for exploring their interests in women’s issues; radio.  Talking with them now, they all credit the other for getting things started; and those of us who have followed in their footsteps are very glad they, collectively, did take the leap. They gave birth to a legacy of women’s empowerment on the KHSU airwaves.  Ruth, Ina and Belle are still active in their communities.  Ruth has just published a new poetry chapbook and is being honored for her activism and creativity by the Humboldt County League of Women voters during their annual State of the Community Luncheon on April 17th, 2015.  To learn more go to http://www.lwvhc.org.

Ina and Noel Harris 2015

Ina and Noel Harris 2015

Ina has spent many years involved in the labor movement.  After leaving TTEOW she produced her own radio show on KHSU, Labor USA, for 3 1/2 years.  Ina was honored for her activism by the Humboldt County League of women Voters in the year 2000.

Belle lives in Bellingham, WA and is active in the Books to Prisoners program and Bellingham’s Human Rights Film Festival.
To listen to and/or download any of our March special features click the following links: 

Aired 3-9-2015   

TTEOW 11-1985 Ina Harris, Belle Shalom and Ruth Mountaingrove talk Divorce 

Aired 3-16-2015

TTEOW 11-1995 Geraldine Goldberg with Nicole and Shira Frank talking about Hannukah

Aired 3-23-2015

TTEOW 9-2009 Maria Bartlett talks with Buffy Saint-Marie

Aired 3-30-2015

3-30-2015 The Herstory of Through the Eyes of Women


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March 9, 2015 TTEOW Celebrates 30 Years on KHSU

30 years ago four women got together and created a half-hour radio show, naming it Through the Eyes of Women.  Those women were producer/hosts Ina Harris, Ruth Mountaingrove, and Bell Shalom along with radio engineer Stacey Aspey.

Through the month of March we will be celebrating their contributions, along with the women who followed in their footsteps to keep TTEOW relevant and on the air.

Join us every Monday in March to hear shows from each decade, with a final commemorative show on March 30 featuring the originals as they reminisce.

Lara-BlogDo you know what your period is trying to tell you? If you have a period or a daughter, this show is not to be missed! Dr. Lara Briden has been working in women’s health for almost 20 years. She runs a busy natural hormone clinic in Sydney, Australia –  where she successfully and naturally treats PCOS, PMS, endometriosis and many other period problems.

In her new book, Period Repair Manual, Dr. Briden sheds some light on everything from how birth control pills affect your body and your period to the importance of hormone health. She says that understanding your period means understanding your health and that no matter your age or situation, it’s time to get to know your period.

Find out why so many teenagers are taking the Pill and what Dr. Briden says they should be doing for birth control. Also, can diet fix PMS? You’ll find out that and more on this episode of Through The Eyes of Women.


To read Dr. Briden’s blog, go to http://www.larabriden.com

Her book is available on Amazon.

To listen to and/or download Lynette’s conversation with Dr. Lara Briden click the following link:     3-2-2015 Lynette_Lara Briden

Janet_C._Bell 2010There is no such thing as race. It’s an artificial construct designed to keep the 99% suspicious of each other, leaving the 1% free to plunder Wall Street unfettered. That is the starting point of today’s conversation with Janet Cheatham Bell about American race relations in the twenty-first century and her new book of collected essays, “Not All Poor People Are Black, And Other Things We Need To Think More About.”

Are we celebrating Black History Month? Or are we calling it out as lip service that may even hinder the cause it was created to promote? What are we supposed to do about the blatant racism that still permeates American culture in these supposedly enlightened times?favorite pic of Kamau and me

In her book and in this episode of Through The Eyes Of Women, Bell places the responsibility for finding harmony squarely upon…. all of us. She leaves no room for pity or despair, not even when discussing her son W. Kamau Bell’s very recent encounter with racism within the politically correct bastion of Berkeley, California. Bell holds those who want to see peace accountable for making it themselves.

No big deal, right? Let’s get to work.

To listen to and/or download Emma’s conversation with Janet Cheatham Bell click the following link:     2-23-2015 Emma_Janet Cheatham Bell


Catholics for Choice is a pro-choice Catholic organization based in Washington, D.C.  Formed in 1973, CFC states that its mission is “to serve as a voice for Catholics who believe that the Catholic tradition supports a woman’s moral and legal right to follow her conscience in matters of sexuality and reproductive health.”

CFC describes its mission “to shape and advance sexual and reproductive ethics that are based on justice, reflect a commitment to women’s well-being and respect and affirm the capacity of women and men to make moral decisions about their lives. CFC works in the United States and internationally to ensure that all people have access to safe and affordable reproductive health-care services and to infuse our core values into public policy, community life and Catholic social teaching and thinking.”

CFC writes that they “are part of the great majority who believes that Catholic teachings on conscience mean that every individual must follow his or her own conscience – and respect others’ right to do the same.”

Jon O’Brien, president of Catholics for Choice has said “The Catholic hierarchy’s powerful lobby plays a huge role in influencing public policy and affects everyone, Catholic or not, by limiting the availability of reproductive health-care services worldwide.”  Pope Francis is now urging “responsible parenthood.” But unlike a majority of Catholics, he is against birth control.

So, is it possible to be a faithful Catholic and support women’s health rights, contraception and abortion?  According to Catholics for Choice, and Katie Breslin, staff member of the organization, it is a matter of “conscience.”   According to O’Brien “The majority of Catholics support the rights of conscience, religious liberty and human dignity for all. We strive to create a world where all women and men are trusted to make moral decisions about their lives.”

Catholics for Choice_Conscience MagazineFor more information about this dedicated organization that helps ordinary Catholics challenge the power of the Catholic hierarchy go to http://www.CatholicsForChoice.org.

To listen to and/or download Corinne’s conversation with Catholics for Choice representative, Katie Breslin, click the following link:     2-16-2015-corinne_catholics-for-choice


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