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10/16/17; Generational Trauma Gets Passed To Descendants

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The history of Native and Indigenous people in California is told through many lenses. According to Deborah Miranda—author of the book Bad Indians: A tribal Memoir, the stories of her people and many others who survived decades of persecution and genocide under colonialism, the gold rush and California missions, have not been told by enough native perspectives.

Miranda, who identifies as a member of the Ohlone-Costanoan Esselen Nations, talks with Through The Eyes of Women host Natalya Estrada about the struggles of writing about tribal history, personal and family memories and culture. The book, which was originally published in 2013 received several awards including the PEN-Oakland Josephine Miles Literary Award, a Gold Medal from the Independent Publisher’s Association, and was short listed for the William Saroyan Literary Award. Bad Indians: A Tribal Memoir is now taught in universities around the world.

Miranda will be speaking at Humboldt State University about her book on Thursday October 19, 2017 for the Indigenous Peoples’ Week Event Series through the department of Environmental Science.

The presentation is a free public event and will take place on campus at the Behavioral & Social Sciences Room 162 in the Native American Forum beginning at 6:30 p.m..



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October 9, 2017-Inside Out: Raising the Bar on Inmate Re-entry in Humboldt County

By Caterina Kein

Vanessa Vrtiak (Left) and Stacy Farmer (Right)

Vanessa Vrtiak, Programs Coordinator for the Humboldt County Sheriffs Office (HCSO), and Stacy Farmer, founder of Sisters That Been There join us at KHSU’s studios to discuss the 3rd Annual Prisoner Re-entry Fair in the Humboldt County Correctional Facility.  This event, to be held on October 23rd and 24th and which is closed to public, will host 15 service providers and employers who will meet with currently incarcerated persons and provide them with community resources and employment options.  The program has been recognized statewide and an award will be presented by the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors on October 17th.

Stacy Farmer, also discusses her organization Sisters that Been There, which she founded after her release from incarceration in 2011.   Farmer has been working with families of post-incarcerated persons to provide resources and support after their experience within the prison system.

Together, they discuss the unique challenges faced by women inmates both inside and outside, and examine the particular needs that post-incarcerated women face including: parenting support, appropriate employment, addiction and mental health services, medical care, transportation, and housing.  Both Vrtiak and Farmer are committed to balancing the needs of community with the needs of post-incarcerated persons, and together are helping to make Humboldt County a safer place for everyone.


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Amy_Stewart_Delightful_Eye_Photography_3800_Cropped_WebHumboldt’s beloved bestselling author, artist, independent bookstore co-owner and cocktail gardening proponent, Amy Stewart, is currently on tour with the third in her hit Kopp Sisters series, “Miss Kopp’s Midnight Confessions.”

Stewart uses historical fiction to explore “big” issues. Woven into her historical fiction, this time, is a tale centered around so-called “morality crimes,” in which women can find themselves both perpetrator and victim. Paralleling issues seen around the world in 2017, Stewart’s characters of the early 20th century can find themselves punished for their own protection.

Bonus: The fourth Kopp Sisters book is already written! Attentive listeners will pick up clues to discipline and self-care that answer the question “how does she do it?”


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What is your earliest memory of money?  What did you learn about money from your parents? Why is it easier to talk about sex than money in our culture? Do we really need to accumulate money?  How much is enough? In what ways do couples share money? Do men and women differ in how they deal with money? Are there ways to maximize assets and minimize taxes? What investments have been the most helpful in lifting people out of poverty?

These are some of the questions that have lived in the back of my mind for a long time.  Luckily I was fortunate to be introduced to Kimberley Pittman-Schulz who has had a long career in helping people from all walks of life donate to charities that reflect their personal values.  Kimberley has  been involved in philanthropy for over 30 years working for various local, national and international non-profit organizations supporting conservation, medicine, community development, small business and higher education.  When not involved in fundraising, Kimberley is a published poet and nonfiction author.  I was hoping that Kimberley would be able to read one of her poems but she had so much information to share about our relationship to money that we ran out of time. I could see that Kimberley’s ability to articulate deep emotions in writing spill over into her work with philanthropy, which if done well requires insight, compassion and the ability to guide people to use some of their money in a way that can fulfill their heart’s values, keep them financially safe and go way, way beyond consumerism.


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Can tapping into your intuition change your life? How do we unlock creativity and embrace our full potential? For most of us, it’s easier said than done. Jill Willard says that we ALL can tap into our intuition in a way that can empower us to be more creative, fulfilled, and reach our potential. Jill Willard is a Los Angeles based intuitive/medium who has a special gift to see beyond what we typically see and focus on what truly matters.

Jill Willard is an Intuitive Base in Los Angeles“We all have a knowing,” she explains. “It’s really just a question of whether we’re willing to acknowledge and honor what we know, and act on it in a positive way. Often, we let our fears get in the way, or we shut it down because we don’t want to believe there is another way, and we don’t want to listen. I have been there, too, trust me. I have completely ignored what I knew to be true because I didn’t like the truth—it wasn’t what I wanted.” Sound familiar?? Her interview on goop is available to read here:


For more information about Jill Willard, go to her web-site at

To read the goop article that inspired this interview, go to:

To listen to and/or download this rebroadcast of Lynette’s conversation with Jill Willard click the following link:     11-10-2014 Lynette_Jill Willard


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9-11-17 Host Emma Breacain Speaks With Author Martha Ertman About Making It Official

ertmanWe have the best of intentions. We do. We can declare our love. We can promise to always be there. Sometimes we might even promise to always do the dishes when our partner cooks. And of course, we mean it when we say it.

But are you willing to back that up in writing, partner?

In her new book Love’s Promises: How Formal and Informal Contracts Shape All Kinds of Families, contract law professor Martha Ertman examines the legal agreements and less formal “deals” that can add harmony to our intimate relationships and maybe mitigate some of the pain and confusion if those relationships end.

While Loves Promises has a lot of great get-along principles that we can apply to many areas of our lives, it is primarily geared toward the modern “blended” families that are becoming increasingly ordinary, termed “Plan B Families” by Ertman. As such, it can function almost as a handbook for securing solid understanding between co-parents, stepfamilies, and same sex partners.

In today’s show, Ertman talks about her own Plan B Family and how her judicious use of contracts keeps it humming. And since her book’s publication nearly coincided with the Supreme Court’s historic decision legalizing same sex marriages, Ertman addresses the impact she anticipates for existing unions. Naturally, we expect a sequel to Love’s Promises must be in the works already.

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9-5-17 How DACA Will Affect One HSU Student

“My mom brought me to the United States when I was two so I don’t remember anything,” says Humboldt State University student Karla Sanchez about her home country.

Sanchez waited in anticipation on what the Trump administration would decide to do to the DACA program during the long Labor Day Weekend.

DACA, which stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals helps thousands of undocumented youth attend college in the United States.

Ending the program, according to California senator Kamala Harris could impact the state’s economy, culture, and higher education system because the most DACA students reside in California nation-wide. Natalya Estrada of Through the Eyes of Women spoke with Sanchez on what she’ll do if DACA ends.


To listen to and/or download Natalya Estrada’s conversation with DACA recipient Karla Schanez click the following link:

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Do you know what your period is trying to tell you? If you have a period or a daughter, this show is not to be missed! Dr. Lara Briden has been working in women’s health for almost 20 years. She runs a busy natural hormone clinic in Sydney, Australia –  where she successfully and naturally treats PCOS, PMS, endometriosis and many other period problems.

In her new book, Period Repair Manual, Dr. Briden sheds some light on everything from how birth control pills affect your body and your period to the importance of hormone health. She says that understanding your period means understanding your health and that no matter your age or situation, it’s time to get to know your period.

Find out why so many teenagers are taking the Pill and what Dr. Briden says they should be doing for birth control. Also, can diet fix PMS? You’ll find out that and more on this episode of Through The Eyes of Women.


To read Dr. Briden’s blog, go to

Her book is available on Amazon.

To listen to and/or download Lynette’s conversation with Dr. Lara Briden click the following link:     3-2-2015 Lynette_Lara Briden

Dr. Cheryl Johnson – the newly appointed executive director of The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI) at Humboldt State University, spoke with KHSU about her new job and the road ahead.

Dr. Johnson insists her work is a collaborative effort between HSU’s campus community and the community at large. She wants to impart on the community, “I am one person. I’m going to have to have the help and the partnership of the people here, the community. It’s not an East Oakland narrative. It’s not a Berkeley narrative. It’s a northern rural narrative and that has to be honored and appreciated.”

Previously, Dr. Johnson was the head of the City of Berkeley’s 2020 Vision – a community-wide effort to end the disparities in academic achievement that exist along racial lines among children and youth.

Learn more about ODEI here.

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Perhaps you have noticed a lot of your friends on social media urging you to call your elected officials and let them hear your opinions on current affairs and actions by our government. That’s actually part of how the democratic system works! Citizens get to be heard!

But who do you call? What do you say? Which issue will you bring up, there sure are a lot of them. Is there any point to these calls? Are our politicians hearing us? Do they care what we have to say? Maybe you’ll do some Googling and try it….. tomorrow.

Or maybe you’ll track down Power Lunch Humboldt’s Facebook Page.

Power Lunch Humboldt organizes calling sessions complete with the relevant elected official’s contact information, background information on the issues, and scripts to work from. You don’t even have to show up to their biweekly gatherings in Arcata, you can participate virtually or independently, from anyplace, on your own schedule. But if you attend in person, there is free lunch. Yes. Free lunch.

Power Lunch Humboldt is spearheaded by Arcata powerhouse Elizabeth Connor.  “After the Women’s March, there was a lot of energy here,” Connor says, explaining how she was propelled into action by her own anxiety and hope. Connor and Power Lunch participant Halimah Collingwood make a convincing case for easy, effective political action. “Yes, your voice is being heard.”

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