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10/7/13 Host Brenda Starr talks with Pamela Green, Director of the Documentary Film “BE NATURAL-the Untold Story of ALICE GUY-BLACHE” ; the 1st Female Film Director.

In Paris, the Lumière Brothers have one of their first private screenings of their revolutionary Cinématographe, the first reliable system to project moving images. A small group of friends and colleagues, including engineer and industrialist Léon Gaumont, watch in awe the soon-to-be famous footage of workers leaving a factory. Cinema is born.

There is a young woman in the audience. Her name is Alice. She is 23. She is secretary to Léon Gaumont. She experiences the light and shadows of the flowing sequence of images on the screen as more than a technological wonder. She sees life. She sees stories. She sees the future.

Alice Guy

Alice Guy

Alice Guy (after her marriage known as Madame Blaché and after her divorce as Alice Guy-Blaché) went on to make one of the first narrative films ever made. By her own account, she made it in 1896 (some say before Georges Méliès).

One of a few saved Films of Director Alice Guy

One of a few saved Films of Director Alice Guy

And she kept going. She made one of the first films ever with a close-up, created synchronized sound films as early as 1902, was in good part responsible for the birth and growth of the Gaumont film studio in Paris, France, which she ran for almost a decade (1897-1907), and in 1910, she founded, built, and ran her own studio, Solax, first in Flushing, New York, then in Fort Lee, New Jersey (not far from where Edison and D.W. Griffith worked). She was a wife and a mother. She wrote, directed, or produced more than a 1,000 films over her 20-year-long career.

Then it all ended. Her name disappeared from film history, and her legacy vanished into the shadows.

Be Natural: The untold story of Alice Guy-Blache is a documentary directed by PAMELA GREEN and JARIK van SLUIJS. It has taken more than 2 years to get where they are today in telling Alice’s story.

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