Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015, Are Leaders Born or Made? Host Emma Breacain Speaks With Mary Gelinas , Co-Director of the Cascadia Center For Leadership, about Honing Your Skills

IMG_635920001_TTEOW Emma & Mary GelinasMost of us have people we can consult as we make our way along our career path. Sometimes we have formal mentors, sometimes we are lucky enough to have a few wise friends and colleagues with the time and will to offer guidance. But who mentors the boss? Is a leader supposed to know everything and need no further education? Nah. The Cascadia Center for Leadership offers small, intensive programs to help leaders grow their skills and become better community contributors, better collaborators, and better networkers. Does this spell the end of unproductive workplace meetings, ambiguous goals and vague feedback? You bet it does! Cascadia Co-Director and independent CCL 2015consultant Mary Gelinas gives us a glimpse inside this renowned program and explains that you, yes you, still have time to apply to participate.  For more information, you may wish to visit and
What Gelinas does not mention in this episode is that next summer you will be able to buy and read her new book, How We Talk Matters: Saving the World Through Brain Science, Mindful Presence and Effective Process.  Gelinas says, “Our need to talk better together has never been geinas heaadshotgreater. We no longer have time for unproductive and damaging discussions that lead to stalemate, destructive compromises, or downright bad decisions. The future need not be a place we march
towards blindly; instead it can be a place we create together through our interactions.”
Learn more about Mary Gelinas, management philosphy, and the consulting firm she runs with her husband, at
To listen to and/or download this segment click the following link:

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