Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | November 6, 2015

November 2, 2015 ‘Mid-life Crises’ Can Happen at Any Age Says Author Jill Bialosky about Her Protagonist Edward in Her New Novel “The Prize”, in Conversation with Host Kathleen Marshall

jillbialosky-mediumJill Bialosky is a poet, novelist and essayist.  She studied for her undergraduate degree at Ohio University and received a Master of Arts degree from the Writing Seminars at The Johns Hopkins University and a Master of Fine Arts degree from University of Iowa Writer’s Workshop.  Her poems and essays appear in The New Yorker, O Magazine, Paris Review, The Nation, The New Republic, Kenyon Review and American Poetry Review among others.  She has received a number of awards including the Elliot Coleman Award in Poetry.  She is currently an editor at W. W. Norton & Company and lives in New York City.prize-medium

Her new novel The Prize explores the intersection of commerce and art through the personal and professional struggles of a New York art gallerist, Edward Darby.  Edward loves art and is fascinated by the process of creating art.  He also loves is wife and daughter, but his interactions with a new client and an old acquaintance have him questioning everything about his existence.  When asked whether Edward is going through a mid-life crisis, Jill candidly responded that she hates that term.  Listen in to hear what else she has to say.

To learn more about Jill Bialosky visit her website

To listen to and/or download Kathleen’s conversation with Jill just click the following link:     11-2-2015 Kathleen_Jill Bialosky

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