Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | February 11, 2019

Can Cannabis Curb The Use of Opioids? Dr. Diane Dickinson Talks to Corinne Frugoni About How And Why This Plant Can Help.

Dr. Diane Dickinson has been studying medical cannabis for many years.  She has a small private practice in Arcata and Eureka, CA consulting with patients about the therapeutic and safest ways to use cannabis for multiple medical conditions.

Research on cannabis is incredibly difficult to perform in the United States because of the severe restrictions placed by the federal government. A critical resource-The National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine, 2017 report on “The Health Benefits of Cannabis and Cannabinoids” analyzed 10,700 systematic reviews and primary research on the medical aspects of this complex plant.  Strong evidence supports the use of cannabis for chronic pain in adults, as an anti-emetic in the treatment of chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting and for improving patient reported multiple sclerosis spasticity symptoms. Evidence reported in a 2017 issue of “Neuropsychopharmacology” supports pain relief when cannabis is used in conjunction with prescribed opioids.  In states where cannabis has been legalized for medical use, the number of opioid prescriptions filled has decreased by millions. Cannabis has been shown as a harm reduction safe alternative or adjunct for pain control with no risk of overdose death due to cannabis. During this current national and local opioid dependence and abuse crisis, that’s vitally important information to consider.

The plant has a varied and controversial history. It was made illegal partly because the end of alcohol prohibition left a vast prohibition enforcement organization without work and partly by inciting racist ideology attributing cannabis use to jazz musicians in Harlem and Mexican farm workers.  This propaganda was fueled by Harry Anslinger, the first commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, established in 1930. Today the legalization of cannabis is opposed by the alcohol industry and pharmaceutical companies.  Private prison companies are lobbying very hard against legalization.

An excellent resource recommended by Dr. Dickinson is This website contains a wealth of information on cannabis and its medicinal use for those who have never tried this compound as well as for experienced users. As the editor of this publication writes “medical cannabis works best with education.”

To listen to and/or download this program click the following link:  TTEOW Corinne Frugoni and Diane Dickinson                        




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