Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | January 28, 2019

“She Has The Energy Of Two 40-Year-Olds”. Madeleine May Kunin Talks To Brenda Starr About Her New Book COMING OF AGE:MY JOURNEY INTO THE EIGHTIES

“My future has shrunk like a sweater steeped in hot water”…so says Madeleine May Kunin looking at her life as Vermont’s 1st & only Female Governor and the 1st Jewish woman elected as Governor (for an unprecedented 3 terms), US Ambassador, Deputy Secretary of Education and now, her journey to her 80’s. Her new book COMING OF AGE: My Journey To The Eighties is NOT a resume of her FEMINISM ; through the Women’s Movement, E.R.A., reproductive rights or her many contributions to making America a better, more inclusive society, BUT it is her need for Self-Definition as she comes into old age.

To listen to/and download this program click the following link: tteow brenda starr and madeleine kunin

photo credit: Todd Lockwood


photo credit:Todd Lockwood


An inspiring memoir full of Poetry, Prose, Honesty with much Humor & Wisdom









LAST SPRING by Madeleine Kunin

First the daffodils die,
then the tulips stiffen,
then the lilacs’ perfume
turns bitter own,
and the peonies slump
to their graves,
I mourn them,
each one,
like I never did before.


photo credit:Paul Boisvert




  For more information about Madeleine; her life in politics, EMERGE VERMONT, and her current adventures visit:   @MadeleineKunin   Madeleine M. Kunin FB






Other books by Madeleine May Kunin include:





To listen to and/or download this program, click the following link: 


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