Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | June 24, 2018

6/18/18: “Making Time For Making Music” Author Amy Nathan Talks With Brenda Starr About Expanding Your Life With Music


There is no doubt Music is healing. As the soundtrack of a movie, and in our daily lives. Author Amy Nathan, whose new book ‘Making Time For Making Music-How To Bring Music Into Your Busy Life’ helps busy adults figure out how to make music by singing in choirs and choruses or playing instruments in ensembles large and small, or even practicing solo at home —and discovering the joy and sense of community that comes from expanding their lives with music.

AMY NATHAN is an award-winning author of books on dance, music, women’s history, civil rights — and on allowances and surviving homework, too! Her books are for children, parents and adults alike. She talks with Brenda Starr about the importance of having creative outlets in your life.


Amy Nathan’s research consisted of questionnaires, interviews, and emails from over 400 musicians, music educators, research scientists, professional & amateur musicians.They all shaped the framework and content of the book.

Kathy Dockins, flutist and pre-employment background investigator says “ STOP THINKING ABOUT IT AND DO IT ALREADY! LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO BE AFRAID OF INCREASING YOUR HAPPINESS.”


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To listen to and/or download this segment, click the following:

TTEOW Brenda Starr and Amy Nathan 6-18-18


Some other books by Amy Nathan include:

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