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January 15, 2018 Housing Challenged, What Humboldt State Students Have To Face When Moving To Humboldt. Host Corinne Frugoni Interviews Homeless Student Advocate Chant’e Catt

Life’s challenges seem to collide with Chant’e Catt and she willingly and ably takes them on.  When Chant’e moved to Humboldt county as a transfer student she thought her biggest challenge would be attending class, completing her school assignments and getting good grades.  She wasn’t prepared for the extreme housing shortage in Humboldt and had to spend 3 months with her family packing and moving from campground to cheap motel and back to campground, depleting her student loans.    Chant’e finally did find an apartment for her and her family 26 miles from the campus.  What she also found was that many other students faced the same problems, scrambling for rooms, sleeping on couches and in cars, camping in the neighboring community forest while trying to study. Catt was one among the California State University system’s 57,000 homeless students across the state. A CSU study done in 2015 on student homelessness found that one in 10 students is currently homeless and one in five students does not have adequate access to food.

Never one to be deterred in the face of what some may consider insurmountable obstacles,  Chant’e co-founded and now leads the Homeless Student Advocate Alliance while majoring in Sociology.  Because of her advocacy on campus, the administration created the first homeless student liaison position and appointed Chant’e with an office of her own.  This is the first department within the  California State University system dedicated to helping students find secure housing.  Chant’e will shape her job description and will face many challenges from helping individual students to coordinating university, city and county policies that develop affordable housing for both students and local residents and above all locating funds.

The North Coast Journal, December 8, 2016, vol. 27, no. 49 lead article entitled “Homeless State University” provides an excellent resource on this issue.  Go to


To listen to and/or download this segment click the following link:

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