Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | December 15, 2017

Awake Through Dreams, Celia Drill

Celia Drill is an accomplished author and poet, her new book of poems is due to be released this December 2017. Awake Through Dreams is a compilation of over 50 poems in new format to engage poetry lovers as well as those new to the craft of wordsmithing. She evokes the many worlds we move in and out of, awake and while dreaming. I invited Celia to read for this edition of Through the Eyes Of Women, and her poems are just that, through the eyes of a woman, soft and fierce, dreamy and sure footed. Thank you Celia, and I hope you all enjoy her readings presented here.

Celia holds an MFA and has studied with the likes of HSU Professor and author Judith Minty as well as Frances Mayes, author of Under The Tuscan Sky. Celia remembers doing readings at the old Jambalaya in Arcata with other local poets such as Jerry Martien, Jim Dodge, Vincent Peloso, Teelyn Mauney and many others who were around Arcata back during those times. They were rich times and many artists and poets bloomed to share their gifts with us all.


To listen to and/or download this segment click the following link:TTEOW 12-11-17 Danielle and Celia

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