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April 3, 2017, From Committed Physician To Socially Conscious Puppeteer, Dr. Wendy Ring Talks With Host Corinne Frugoni About Issues That Affect Us All And Creative Ways To Get The Message Across.

A few years ago when Dr. Wendy Ring was interviewed for a book about outstanding and compassionate doctors, she was quoted as saying

“Society has invested in each of us so that we can be its healers and the role of a healer carries responsibilities and challenges that we strive all our professional lives to fulfill.  In the old days, the obligations of the village healer were simple.  Care for the people of your village and train someone to take over when you are old and can’t do it anymore.  Today I struggle to understand my obligations as a healer in a global village where violence is epidemic, infections travel on airplanes, radioactive fallout rides the wind, and children in one country die of malnutrition, infection and trauma due to economic policies in another.  In a global village, death respects no border and all the smallpox vaccine and duct tape in the world can’t keep us from experiencing the consequences of our actions.  As doctors we know this better than most people, and we must speak out and teach as if the survival of the species and the planet depended on it.”

These are not empty words.  Wendy continually strives to live up to her calling. Over 25 years ago Wendy opened up a mobile health clinic to serve the homeless and indigent in rural Humboldt county.  She did this on a prayer and a shoestring budget.  This clinic grew to a staff of over 10 people eventually qualifying as a federally qualified health clinic and serving  thousands of patients annually.

Wendy has always been a very creative person with a great sense of humor and almost 10  years ago she was inspired to make puppets. She wrote, produced and directed  3 plays in succession about Single Payer Heath Care. With her boundless energy and persuasive strong arm, she convinced a motley crew of friends to travel up and down the coast of California and Oregon performing these plays.  All this while still working as a physician.

Time passed and Wendy began to see that the overriding issue of all time facing our planet and all living things was the devastating effects of climate change. Twice Wendy and her husband Michael bicycled across the United States to raise awareness of climate change’s threat to health. After the first tour, Wendy started Climate 911 which grew into a national network of health professionals dedicated to educating policymakers and the public about the health effects of climate change and the need for urgent action. While lecturing, Wendy was investigating other ways to educate people and empower them to make healthy choices and effect positive change.  Puppetry is what continued to call Wendy and in the past few years she has set aside her clinical practice completely to devote herself to creating puppet shows with songs, music and humorous dialogue, drawing audiences of all ages into the plot of two dogs trying to teach humans to make positive changes in their behavior to reduce pollution and “bring to life the vision and the path to a healthy low carbon future.”

After completing a six state tour in 2016 and early 2017, Wendy and her husband plan to perform “Dogs to the Rescue! A Puppet Show About Climate Solutions That Will Leave You Howling” in Oregon this July, 2017.

For more information about Climate 911 and Wendy’s puppet show go to See more at:

To listen to and/or download this segment, click the following link: 20001_TTEOW 4-3-17_feature

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