Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | January 2, 2017

1-2-17 is an encore persentation with Kathleen Marshall Speaks with the Women of Agape House

Victorian HouseA couple of years ago Ligia (pronounced Lihia) Giovannoni fell through a hole in her personal life.  She coped as her relationship crumbled, left her bereft and on the verge of losing her home.  As she thought about how to save her two-story, modest Victorian home in Eureka, California, a friend suggested she could use her home to help other women in recovery; women recovering from emotional despair, from drug and alcohol addictions, from domestic violence.  And Ligia just knew that was the right thing to do.

And so began Agape House, a safe and sober house for women in recovery.  Agape House officially opened its doors in March of 2014 with four available beds.  In walked Mary Garcia who was thrilled to have found a place that felt peaceful to continue on her own recovery path.  Several months later in May 2014, Agape House added 4 more beds and along came Raeann Leedum.  These three women felt such a kinship that Mary and Raeann soon became house managers.  Mary suggested the name Agape House, and the three planned an expansion to 15 beds.  After a short 6 months since its doors opened, in September 2014, all beds were full, and there is now a waiting list.

These three women dream big.  They’re hoping to expand to a second house, and have dreams of a country retreat for recovery as well; all for women, more particularly, for poor women in need of support and structure during recovery.

To listen to Kathleen’s conversation with Ligia, Mary and Raeann of Agape House click the following link:     1-19-2015 Kathleen_Agape House

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