Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | December 19, 2016

12-19-16 Host Emma Breacain Gets Tips for Last Minute DIY Gifts From SCRAP Humboldt’s Lexie Fischer – Encore from December 15, 2015


It’s the final countdown to our December gift giving holidays, and if you’re not freaked out, have you considered that maybe you should be? Arcata’s SCRAP Humboldt is a unique resource, part thrift store, part art supply store, part art studio and part school. In today’s episode of Through The Eyes Of Women, SCRAP’s ReWorkshop Coordinator Lexie Fischer talks about the thrill of producing a thoughtful, innovative gift by hand, and the hilarity of when crafting projects go wrong. Deep breaths, everybody, we can do this.


For more information about SCRAP Humboldt and the craft classes they offer go to:

To listen to and/or download Emma’s conversation with Lexie Fischer click the following link:     12-15-2014 Emma_Lexie Fischer

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