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September 19, 2016: Give Peace A Chance. Bringing Peace Culture & Peace Spirit For International Peace Day. Join Host Brenda Starr And Guests ANDY SEHIC And SUE HILTON From Our Humboldt Branch Of Women’s International League For Peace And Freedom.


September 21st is recognized by the United Nation as the International Day of Peace. This will be the 34th year of worldwide recognition of this day. Local Humboldt Chapter Members of Women’s International League For Peace & Freedom, Andy Sehic and Sue Hilton discuss Peace activities throughout the year and the event “Speak Your Peace”that takes place on Wednesday, September 21, 2016 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM at the Arcata Playhouse,located at 1251 9th Street.



SUE HILTON is also a member of Humboldt’s  Raging Grannies –who promote peace, justice, social and economic equality through song & humor.

AZRA ANDY SEHIC is a  Bosnian native and also the Founder of TRUEntertainment.

 TRUEEntertainment  is presenting the 3rd annual family-oriented International Day of Peace observation in Arcata. Donations  will help pay for the Peace Pole project. It will be an evening of creativity, music, short film, narratives and stories from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM with hands on activities, storytelling, narratives, poetry, film and music. $5-10 donations accepted, kids under 7 are free.  Snacks and teas from around the world will be provided. Come celebrate inner and global peace!



ELEANOR FARJEON was born in London in 1881. She wrote childrens stories and fantasy stories. The FARJEON AWARD is awarded for outstanding work in children literature. She lived in Sussex UK and was a personal friend of War Poet Edward Thomas. She died in 1965.

Peace    by Eleanor Farjeon


I am as awful as my brother War,
I am the sudden silence after clamour.
I am the face that shows the seamy scar
When blood and frenzy has lost its glamour.
Men in my pause shall know the cost at last
That is not to be paid in triumphs or tears,
Men will begin to judge the thing that’s past
As men will judge it in a hundred years.

Nations! whose ravenous engines must be fed
Endlessly with the father and the son,
My naked light upon your darkness, dread! –
By which ye shall behold what ye have done:
Whereon, more like a vulture than a dove,
Ye set my seal in hatred, not in love.


Let no man call me good. I am not blest.
My single virtue is the end of crimes,
I only am the period of unrest,
The ceasing of horrors of the times;
My good is but the negative of ill,
Such ill as bends the spirit with despair,
Such ill as makes the nations’ soul stand still
And freeze to stone beneath a Gorgon glare.

Be blunt, and say that peace is but a state
Wherein the active soul is free to move,
And nations only show as mean or great
According to the spirit then they prove. –
O which of ye whose battle-cry is Hate
Will first in peace dare shout the name of Love?


In her poems and plays, Suheir Hammad blends the stories and sounds of her Palestinian-American heritage with the vibrant language of Brooklyn to create a passionately modern voice.



To listen to and/or download Brenda’s conversation with Sue Hilton and Andy Sehic click the following link: 

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