Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | June 27, 2016

6-27-16: “Not Contagious, Only Cancer,” Host Emma Breacain speaks with her aunt, author and activist Miriam Ching Yoon Louie, about her first book of fiction.


The way Miriam Ching Yoon Louie describes it, becoming an activist and advocate was a logical path for a third generation Korean Chinese American student attending University of California at Berkeley in the late sixties. Louie’s life work as a community organizer has seen her drawing attention to the plights of third word people and third world women in particular, and in 2001 she published Sweatshop Warriors, a novel outlining the real conditions of immigrant factory workers in their own words.  

coverIn her first book of fiction, “Not Contagious Only Cancer,” Louie hands center stage to the most invisible type of human –  a middle aged, non-white, working class woman. Kyong Ah Choi labors as a caregiver in an eldercare facility before falling ill and becoming a patient. Louie weaves the gritty reality of bedpans with mysticism and werewolves, lifelike dialogue and vivid characters to tell what is ultimately the story of a life.

In this episode of Through The Eyes Of Women, Louie talks to her niece about her life and work, and whether she was really “kicked out of UCB for her political activies,” as some internet entries say, or whether it was more complex than that.

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To listen to to this conversation , please click the following link.  

20001_TTEOW 6-27 Emma & Mariam Louie _program  


Louie, right, working with her daughter, illustrator Nguyen Louie


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