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May 23, 2016 Hermes Scarves,Platinum Cuffs & Gucci Pencil Skirts: Join Host Brenda Starr and Guest Bridgette R. Alexander, Author of “Southern Gothic, A Celine Caldwell Mystery”. A New Generation of Female Empowerment & the New York City Art World.



Bridgette R. Alexander studied and worked in New York, Chicago and Paris and in some of the most exciting museums in the world. She entered graduate school at the University of Chicago and eventually taught as an instructor at the School of Art Institute of Chicago. Bridgette even started an art-advising firm and met some of the world’s most intriguing art collectors. This was a lot of fun, but she was still missing just the all-out adventure that she had enjoyed as a kid reading and writing stories. Enter CELINE CALDWELL, a 16 year old urbane and privileged heroine for a new generation. Alexander brings Readers 12-Adult  a 12 Novel Series, the CELINE CALDWELL MYSTERIES that Alexander has created- starting with SOUTHERN GOTHIC.

  “…an Uptown Nancy Drew.” KIRKUS Review

“Celine Caldwell is clever, impulsive….a stellar represenation of a generation.” Molly MacGregor, Co-Founder National Women’s History SouthernGothic_300Project

Celine Caldwell is a young woman all her own—bi-racial with a cadre of loyal friends, themselves of mixed race and backgrounds. These characters share a reverence for the art world and a devotion to Celine, who is determined to unravel a complex tale involving blackmail, secrets, land theft, the Klu-Klux-Klan, and cover-up of a century old murder from America’s darkest past. And Celine must solve it correctly and well before it destroys her own mother’s career as renowned curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Bridgette Alexander writes with beautifully enriching details about Art History and incorporates insights into the high-stakes art world, including; ArtSpeak, the language of art, Provenance, what clues can be found in the ownership history of a painting, how to read a painting, what to look for in the images and story behind a painting; and the art world power brokers, the curators, art dealers, collectors, and experts who engage in million-dollar intrigue in a world few get to see.

Bridgette’s  inspiration?  Her daughter Chloe and husband David, “with whom I am on the most exciting adventures of my life…ever!”

Bridgette and David and Chloe live in Chicago.

For More Information About Celine Caldwell Mysteries and Paris 1865 Press visit:


July 1-2, Thelma Harris Gallery, Oakland

 July 6, at The Sitting Room, Penngrove 

To listen to and/or download this segment click the following link:20001_TTEOW 5-23-16 Final_program



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