Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | May 16, 2016

May 16, 2016: “I don’t feel good till I knock someone over.” Host Emma Breacain speaks with Humboldt Roller Derby’s PoiSin and Savage Severity



Savage Severity, photo by Terrence McNally

By day they are a student, and a mental health specialist who works with foster kids, isn’t that sweet? Who cares. PoiSin and her 14 year old daughter Savage Severity are players for Humboldt Roller Derby.


Today we take a closer look inside this seeming utopia that embraces women and girls of all ages and lifestyles and skills, without excluding men and boys. It’s a world where athletes mentor the young, claim each other as partners, and pledge each other unwavering emotional and practical support. A world where they work together to raise money for different community charities. And if you want to join them, they’ll even teach you to skate.


PoiSin, photo by Terrence McNally

Are you sure this is roller derby?

PoiSin’s got your reality check:  “This is not a sport for people who want to skate around and talk with their friends, because I will knock you over.”

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20001_TTEOW Roller Derby 5-16-16._program

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