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February 8, 2016 HSU President Lisa Rossbacher Talks Again With Host Brenda Starr About Education, Strategic Plans & The Earth’s Core

Dr. Lisa A. Rossbacher returns to Through The Eyes Of Women to once again share her experiences, vision and leadership after her first 18 months as Humboldt State University’s President.

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Lisa A. Rossbacher


While many believe that women’s battle for gender parity in the workplace has already been won, recent data suggest that this is far from reality. According to ACE’s The American College President 2012 report, only 26% of the nation’s college and university presidents are women and the rate of change has stalled since the late 1990s. Although women now earn the majority of all college degrees and are well represented in entry- and mid-level positions in most sectors of the economy, they have made surprisingly little progress in advancing to chief executive positions.

Dr. Rossbacher is a Member of Moving The Needle and has encouraged students of all genders to share in her vision. As she states:

“we have a mission to educate students and to build on our values of social and environmental responsibility.
We have ambitious plans to fulfill this mission. And these plans are continuing to evolve as we adapt and grow as an engaged community and as a University where students are involved in place-based learning. Our current strategic plan is focused on four key areas: supporting student success, providing a welcoming environment for our diverse community, ensuring we have the resources needed to fulfill our mission, and expanding partnerships, both on- and off-campus.”

President Rossbacher on campus

President Rossbacher on campus

There are few scientists who become university presidents and Dr. Rossbacher is one. The HSU President here shares her ideas on the Earths Interior:

Tango at the beach Aug 2014


Tango, often seen with Dr. Rossbacher on campus, enjoying a Northern Humboldt beach





To listen to and/or download  click the following link:20001_TTEOW2-8-16 Brenda Starr &LisaRossbacher_PROGRAMS

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