Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | January 18, 2016

January 18, 2016 Host Corinne Frugoni Interviews Helen Jaccard, Crew-member of the Golden Rule

1_goldenrule.ngsversion.1434724718382.adapt.676.1The Golden Rule,a 30 foot ketch was the first environmental action and peace vessel that set sail in 1958 to protest atmospheric testing of nuclear bombs.  Four Quaker activists left San Pedro, CA to sail to the Marshall Islands in order to halt nuclear testing in the Western Pacific.  The voyage was stopped by the U.S. Coast Guard in Hawaii and the four crew-members were jailed, tried and convicted.  This journey ignited international protests to stop nuclear testing and halt the arms race and initiated a tradition of protest boats carried on by organizations such as Greenpeace.

Little is known about what happened to this powerful peace symbol DSC04731-1024x682until it was rescued from a shallow watery grave in Humboldt Bay in 2010.  Her skeleton consisted of a hull with two huge holes and no cabin, mast or hardware.  A local chapter of Veterans for Peace learned her history and formed a coalition of dedicated volunteers to bring her back to life.  It took five years to restore her and make her sea worthy.  She launched from Zerlang’s Boat Yard on the Samoa peninsula in Humboldt County in the June, 2015 and sailed down the coast of California to San Diego and back with many stops on the way to educate people about the risks of nuclear technology, the importance of the ocean environment and the power of peacemaking. Future plans include a ten-year peacemaking voyage around North America to challenge military solutions to the world’s problems.

thA new generation of sailors are carrying on the legacy of the Golden Rule.  Helen Jaccard is the first woman full time crew-member of this boat and she shares the adventures of this heroic vessel both on the sea and in the ports. She has devoted many years of her life participating in peace time demonstrations, educating about environmental degradation and the dangers of radiation in the United States and other countries. Five years ago, she joined a cohort of many volunteers and drove in her RV from Seattle to Humboldt Bay to dedicate her time restoring and sailing the Golden Rule and devote herself to the cause of world peace.

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