Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | January 11, 2016

1-11-17 encore presentation from April 29, 2013 Host Kathleen Marshall Speaks With 19-Year-Old Breast Cancer Survivor Lizzy McNaney

Lizzy McNaneyLizzy McNaney was 18; excited about her future – going to college and all that means both socially and intellectually.  But everything changed when Lizzy accidently found a lump in her breast.  Within several weeks she was reassured that it was probably nothing.  But with her strong family history of breast cancer, affecting both her mother and grandmother she insisted on a biopsy.  The results she received within a week of the biopsy verified the worst; she was diagnosed with Stage-2 breast cancer and had a double mastectomy just one week later.

Lizzy’s maturity shines through when listening to her frank discussion of her odyessy with, through and beyond breast cancer.  She speaks openly and honestly about the hardships – changed body image, isolation, loss of friends, fertility issues – and about the lessons she continues to learn simply by coping.

Her motto is Strength, Positivity and Growth.  She hopes that hearing about her experience will help to educate young women to pay attention to their bodies and to become their own best advocates in life.

To listen to Kathleen Marshall’s conversation with Lizzy McNaney, please click the following link.    

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