Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | December 28, 2015

December 28, 2015 Host Corinne Frugoni Talks With Suza Lambert Bowser, Author Of “The Case Of The Sad-Eyed Stripper.”

suzashadesSuza Lambert Bowser, Local Humboldt county author has recently completed a 3 year sentence in an Illinois State Prison for trafficking marijuana through that state.  While in prison she completed the first of her Celeste Newhaven Psychic Eye Mystery series, The Case of the Sad-Eyed Stripper. 

Celeste Newhaven owns a small used bookstore in the Old Town neighborhood of Crescent Bay (a fictionalized Eureka). Celeste has the gift of a psychic but is reluctant to disclose her abilities.  Despite her attempts to maintain a low profile, Celeste finds herself caught up in the murder of a local stripper.

I found myself taking particular pleasure in recognizing the familiar landmarks of Old Town Eureka, and was compelled to keep turning the pages to find out the outcome of this mystery. This blog will not disclose the plot or finale any further.

Suza describes herself as a “multidisciplined artist” with a “notorious side.” She has written, produced and directed two movies, A River of Skulls, recently picked up by Lionsgate, and Flea, currently in post-production.  Her talents as an author, filmmaker and artist could not be destroyed while languishing in prison.  Her astute observations of prison life, women in prison and her own necessary adaptations have deepened her sense of discipline and  commitment to her artistic endeavors and provided a wellspring for creating and editing XFelonINK, a magazine devoted to publishing art, poetry, short fiction and nonfiction by prisoners and ex-prisoners across the United States.

If you pick up and read “The Case of the Sad-Eyed Stripper,” you’ll be happy to know that Celeste continues to use her psychic talents to solve yet another mystery in the Mattole Valley that will soon be published called The Case of the Red-Haired Ranchers.”

To listen to and/or download  click the following link:20001_TTEOW 12-28-15 Corinne Suza_PROGRAMS



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