Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | October 12, 2015

Encore presentation on 10/12/15 from June 2, 2014 , Host Emma Breacain Speaks with Author/Artist Becky Blades About Her New Book “Do Your Laundry Or You’ll Die Alone.”

When her daughter graduated high school, Becky Blades collected all those last minute nuggets of motherly wisdom that occur to a parent when their kid has one foot out the door, and sent them to her daughter as a long email. Not long after, with the encouragement of her kids and family, Blades expanded her email into an illustrated book of life advice for young adults called “Do Your Laundry Or You’ll Die Alone.”


The dire title seems quite reasonable when Blades explains it, that if we walk around town  in our second best clothes while our favorites lie neglected and smelly in a hamper, we may not have the confidence we need to capture that dream date, dream job, dream situation, when those opportunities present themselves.

Blades’ advice to newly minted grownups quickly extends outside the home and into the world of practical finances, dating, driving, grammar, etiquette and psychology (“#36: A Bad Attitude Makes Your Butt Look Big”) all accompanied by her own mixed media collage art and nary an eyeroll nor a sigh of “kids today.”

Blades talks to Through The Eyes Of Women about the evolving definition of adulthood and the nature of giving and receiving advice, and whether the kids really are all right.

Is your favorite outfit clean right now?

To learn more about Becky Blades go to her website

To listen to and/or download Emma’s conversation with Becky Blades click the following link:     6-2-2104 Emma Becky Blades




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