Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | September 6, 2015

September 7, 2015 Host Emma Breacain Talks to Jenny Weiss and Emily Sinkhorn about Turning Your Kids Loose on the Streets

10750459_10204946272034657_610065397838762919_oTrite as it may be to pine for some soft-focus idea of “the good old days,” it may still be reasonable to look around your neighborhood and ask, “is it me, or are there fewer kids on the streets than there used to be?”

It’s not you. The numbers of kids who get to walk or bike to school – getting crucial exercise and outdoor time, building life skills, and having fun – has declined dramatically over recent generations. Why? Has the world gotten scarier? Have parents gotten more protective? What’s going on?

Redwood Community Action Agency’s resource planning division is engaged in projects throughout Humboldt County to promote the infrastructure and education that will keep our towns’ streets safe and usable for our kids. In today’s show, RCAA’s Emily Sinkhorn and Jenny Weiss talk about the individual and community benefits of providing safe routes to school for all of Humboldt’s kids.

For more information about the programs that will get your kid to and from school safely, follow these handy links:

To listen to and/or download this interview click on the following link:20001_TTEOW 9-7-2015 Emma Jenny Weiss Emily Sinkhorn Safe Routes_PROGRAMS

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