Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015 Host Emma Breacain Talks to Local Coffee Roaster Kelly Brannon About Her Upcoming Dance-Party Wedding, And That Time We Thought She Was A Guy

Kelly and Lauraine by Brandi Easter

Photo by Brandi Easter

Don’t get it twisted. Kelly Brannon is not “becoming” a woman. Kelly Brannon is a woman who was assigned a male identity at birth due to her biology, and she is currently in the process of adjusting her appearance to better represent who she is.

In the common parlance, we call it “transitioning.” We might even be dictionary-correct if we call Brannon a “male to female transgender person,” though we are likely to find new, better terminology soon as our societal understanding of the topic continues to evolve.

“I’m not doing this alone,” Brannon says. “All of (my friends, family and community) are transitioning with me.”

As our collective awareness of trans issues reaches a tipping point, we are beginning to recognize the broad spectrum of human identity and sexuality and gender, and the spectrum-within-a-spectrum of transexuality.

This show is not a tutorial in trans. If you want some basic information on transition and the issues around it, here is a start:

This show also is not a resource for people undergoing transition, and the people who love them. Here are a few good places for that:

This is the story of one person, Kelly Brannon, who is transitioning in a supportive small town with an enamored fiancée, two dogs, and many friends at her side.

In this episode, Brannon shares her experience of emerging as a woman. Her fiancée, graphic designer and author Lauraine Leblanc, joins the conversation to talk about their relationship, their coordinating outfits, and their DIY wedding coming up next month. Spoiler: there will be donuts.

“To listen to and/or download this segment click the following link:”Emma-5-11-15 Trans showLonger verson for blog

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