Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | April 19, 2015

4-20-15 Host Emma Breacain Speaks With Journalist Kym Kemp About Marijuana


Kym Kemp is a multifaceted woman living in a beautiful part of California that has much to enjoy, so it might not be fair that through the course of a career that has included reporting on the happenings in Southern Humboldt County, this photographer, martial artist, teacher, mom and non-smoker has somehow picked up the moniker “Kym Kemp, Queen of Hemp,” but there you go.

In today’s show, the lifelong Humboldt resident gives her take on the history of Humboldt’s enormous and still mostly illegal marijuana scene, and offers some context and speculation into the future and the seemingly inevitable legalization of marijuana in California, what form legalization might take, and what it might do to our town.

Kemp also talks about the tough decision to part ways with Humboldt’s extremely venerable news outlet Lost Coast Outpost, and the expansion of her own news blog, The Redheaded Blackbelt.



To listen to and/or download this segment click the following link:     4-20-2015 Emma Breacain_Kym Kemp


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