Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | November 1, 2014

November 3, 2014 Host Emma Breacain Talks Conscious Uncoupling with the Author of “The Co-Parents’ Handbook,” Karen Bonnell

coparent bookRelationships are challenging. Parenthood is challenging. And sometimes, two terrific people are not able to successfully manage both of these major ventures together till death do them part. It happens.

Until recently, parents working through the complexities of “conscious uncoupling” and raising a child with an ex could at least comfort themselves with the fact that “it’s not like we have a handbook for these things.” Well, no more!

Nurse, divorce coach and co-parenting coach Karen Bonnell has created a literal handbook, “The Co-Parents’ Handbook,” with the aim of getting the entire family through this life transition with a minimum of scarring, from telling the kids that mommy and daddy will not be living together any more, to formulating a workable schedule and plan with your co-parent, to navigating family court, to the whens and hows of introducing a new romantic partner into the mix.

Parents and children who survived “broken homes” in generations past may twist their guts in envy as Bonnell presents sane coping mechanisms, gentle guidance and a virtual blueprint for surviving and thriving the entire journey. This hopeful picture for positive parenting (plus strategies for the less-than-positive times), makes it seem certain that these uncoupling parents can take care of their well being and their childrens’. As Judy Blume told us forty years ago, “It’s Not The End Of The World.” Karen Bonnell’s “The Co-Parents’ Handbook” presents a beginning.

To listen to and/or download Emma’s conversation with Karen Bonnell click the following:     11-3-2014 Emma_Karen Bonnell

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