Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | September 28, 2014

September 29, 2014 Host Lynette Nutter Talks With Musician Jenny Scheinman About Her Incredible Career As A World Class Violinist/Fiddle Player And Why She Loves Living In Humboldt.

Unknown-1Jenny Scheinman is a renowned violinist/fiddle player who grew up in Petrolia, California and moved to NYC pursuing her career as a musician. She has played with some incredible artists – Nora Jones, Madeline Peyroux, and Bill Frisell (just to name a few of many). She has eight albums – mostly instrumental,  all pictures of her complex and lively inner world. Jenny recalls while playing with friend Madeline Peyroux she felt a pull to find that part of her own creative voice to step up to the mic and sing. Now Jenny has a new album, The Littlest Prisoner. In this record she writes, sings and pretty much knocks it out of the park with a heart-felt, reflective album about love, relationships, and childhood. Listening to the songs one can see the slideshow of stories revealed in every verse and chorus. Jenny candidly talks about her creative process, how she survived living in NYC busking, and the transition of being a mom and a musician. Jenny recently moved back to Humboldt County with her husband and two young children, and we are lucky to have them here.


Jenny is having a CD release party at the Arcata Playhouse October 2nd. To find out more go to:

You can purchase “The Littlest Prisoner” on iTunes or Amazon.

For more information about Jenny Scheinman and her upcoming tour with Ani DiFranco go to her web-site:

Here’s an intimate look with Jenny Scheinman and Rodney Crowell practicing on the tour bus just before going on at Van Duzer theater!

To listen to and/or download Lynette’s conversation with Jenny Scheinman click the following link:     9-29-2014 Lynette_Jenny Scheinman


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