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April 7, 2014, Host Corinne Frugoni Interviews CD Collins About Her Performance Work, and The Heartbreak and Beauty Of Appalachia


A native of Kentucky, CD Collins follows the storytelling traditioblueland-cover-140wns of the South.  Her fiction has appeared in numerous literary journals including  The Drum, StoryQuarterly, Salamander, Phoebe and The Pennsylvania Review.   She has produced 3 award winning compact discs of spoken word with music. Her collection of short stories Blue Land was released in 2010. Each story is a portrait of place and person.  Her second book of poetry Self Portrait With Severed Head was published in the 2009.

CD believes that art can transform and inform. With her band Rockabetty,  CD has completed her fourth album Clean Coal/Big Lie.  The title piece of this CD chronicles the environmentally devastating practice the-issue-a4of mountain top removal to retrieve coal in Appalachia, destroying some of the most ancient mountains in the continental United States.  This practice is also known as “strip mining on steroids” and the havoc and destruction it causes is almost beyond comprehension. You will tap your feet to the rhyme and rhythms of this piece while CD dramatizes her powerful message with her band Rockabetty.

Anybody says to you ‘”clean coal”

Anybody says to you “cheap coal”

You only have to say “big lie.”

10154952_10152344868552790_1571591012_nFor more information about CD Collins go to her website documents the devastation and desecration of Appalachia by the coal mining industry.

To listen to and/or download Corinne’s conversation with CD Collins click the following link:     4-7-2014 Corinne CD Collins



  1. So enjoyed the interview with C D Collins ! What an amazing story she has to tell. We here in Humboldt Co. ( hey.. even the world) need to be aware of the plight of saving our natural planet, tree by tree, mountain by mountain. Would love for her to return to Humboldt County and share her energy, hope and visions for protecting our precious environment, and her respect for what native culture can teach us about ourselves.

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