Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | March 23, 2014

March 24, 2014 Host Kathleen Marshall Speaks with Jennifer Savage, Coastal Program Director of the Northcoast Environmental Center, About the U.S. Navy’s Consolidation Plan for Sonar and Explosives Testing and Training in the Pacific Northwest

The United States Navy has proposed consolidating three testing and training areas in the Pacific Northwest into one.  In order to do so, and to continue its established program, the Navy needs to renew its permits granted by the National Marine Fisheries Service.  Those permits need to be renewed by 2015.


The Navy’s proposal is very complex and it has completed the required Draft Environmental Impact Statement.  That EIS  has been presented in communities affected by the proposal, from Fort Bragg, California to Ketchikan, Alaska.

The Northcoast Environmental Center is located in Arcata, California, one of the affected communities.  Coastal Program Director, Jennifer SavageJennifer Savage talks about the environmental community’s responses and concerns.

Jennifer says that as Coastal Program Director she understands the need for the Navy to test its technology, but feels that the National Marine Fisheries Service and the Navy need to respect particularly sensitive marine mammal habitat.  The NEC and other environmental watch dog groups are asking the NMFS to establish testing and training exclusionary zones in those sensitive habitats and to improve its marine mammal detection techniques in the open ocean.

She emphasizes that Tuesday March 25, 2014 is the final day for public comment on the Navy’s plan.

For more information and to comment on the Navy’s Proposal visit their website

For more information about environmental concerns visit


To listen to and/or download Kathleen’s conversation with NEC Coastal Program Director Jennifer Savage click the following link:     3-24-2014 Kathleen Jennifer Savage

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