Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014: Host Emma Breacain Speaks with Singer/Songwriter Josephine Johnson About Her New Album, “Let it All Out.”


No big deal or anything, it’s just Josephine Johnson, you know, the one the readers of the North Coast Journal voted Humboldt County’s favorite solo musical act in 2011, though she’s quick to remind you that she shares that honor in a tie, and she likes to tell you how great she thinks fellow winner Chris Parreira is. That gracious attitude combined with thoughtful lyrics and soothing melodies is probably what endears folk music’s funky, rambunctious little sister to her fellow musicians and listeners.

What’s the soulful songbird been up to since then? Not much, just writing a bunch of new songs for a couple years, culling them into a sophomore album effort, rounding up some of her favorite local musicians to record with her, then launching a successful Kickstarter campaign to get the CDs printed. As you do.

Then with newly pressed copies of “Let It All Out” still warm and ready for sale, Johnson decided what the heck, moved to L.A., landed a sweet pad in Venice Beach and not one but two great jobs teaching music to kids. Easy peasy.

Zipping back north to Humboldt to play at her CD release party, Johnson found a moment to talk with Emma Breacain about her new album and new life. While she shows no signs of giving up her Humboldt Honey status anytime soon, Johnson is currently enjoying a music scene that she says supports multiple open mic events every night of the week, and of course she can still find healthy, wholesome organic foods, because that seems to be one of the few values shared by California’s extreme north and south.

Josephine invites interested parties to follow her on Facebook, search “Josephine sings.”

“Let It All Out” is available locally in Arcata at People’s Records and widely at


To listen to and/or download Emma’s conversation with singer-songwriter Josephine Johnson click the following link:     


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