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12-9-2013 Host Emma Breacain Speaks with Author Anne Katherine About the Electronic Ties that Bind Us and How to Set “Boundaries In An Overconnected World.”


Are you reading this on your phone? While checking your email on a PC? Have you ever glanced away from the Facebook on your computer screen and reflexively checked Facebook on your phone? Are you afraid to savor a peaceful meal without checking your messages, lest you miss some social or professional opportunity? Are most of those messages junk, anyway?

It’s easy to wonder who is in charge sometimes, is it us, or is it this technology that we built to serve us and make our lives easier? If we are not careful, the servant becomes the master and we are enslaved by the information that deluges us through our devices.  Anne Katherine offers us a guide to managing our electronic communications within a balanced life and relationships in her new book “Boundaries In An Overconnected World,” a sort of drivers’ manual for the information superhighway that offers suggestions for dealing with everyone from the well intentioned relative who forwards you every “humor” email they see, to the micromanaging boss, to the anonymous new OK Cupid date, to the children in your life who need to know how to protect their personal safety online.

Listen to Emma Breacain’s conversation with Anne Katherine about maximizing the effectiveness of our tools while minimizing the static, then step away from the computer and go have a real conversation with a real person, and enjoy the day!  After that, you can check out Anne Katherine’s website,


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