Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | November 18, 2013

11-18-13 Host Emma Breacain Speaks with Fitness Nutritionist and Weight Loss Coach Debi Farber Bush About Navigating the Winter Feast Holidays Without Losing Our Minds or Our Waistlines

debi before after

Well, depending on how much stock you put into numbers, we Americans are a shabby, indulgent mess. The Centers For Disease Control brands more than 1/3 of us obese. And for those of us who worked ourselves into a healthy shape – congratulations – some bitter, nasty statisticians say that 95 percent of us will gain back every ounce lost and then some, within a year. Thanks, guys. It’s enough to make a sensible person throw their hands in the air and dive face first into a bacon cheeseburger. Why even bother trying to live healthfully when the odds are so brutally stacked? Oh, right: a longer, better life filled with less knee pain and more sexy outfits. Right.

Enter fitness nutritionist and weight loss coach Debi Farber Bush. Debi’s not afraid of a few Christmas cookies. She shed a superhuman 200 lbs and began participating in half marathons and endurance bike rides before getting into the business of helping others similarly improve their own quality of life at the newly opened Fit Nor Cal, in Arcata.

debi sporty

With a battle cry of “never f***ing quit,” Debi appears nonchalant in the face of the temptations and pitfalls of festive holiday eating, and she’s here with a message of sanity. Fortunately, Debi lives with us in the real world, not a TV show, so she preaches more common sense than deprivation, she’s not particularly concerned with the number on your scale, and she’ll probably never yell at you.

Spoiler alert: Debi won’t even tell you to skip that pumpkin pie! She will give you full permission to treat yourself and enjoy the holidays to the fullest, as long as you spend the rest of the year treating yourself with healthy foods and solid fitness habits.


debi sporty 2


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