Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | November 4, 2013

11/4/13 Host Amy Jester Talks with Fox Olson about Homelessness in Humboldt

foxArcata House Partnership has played an integral role in helping Humboldt County identify and work towards positive and effective responses to and prevention of homelessness. In today’s show, Executive Director Fox Olson discusses the myths she regularly confronts about homelessness, shares her thoughts on what we need to do to prevent homelessness and the role violence often plays in contributing to women’s experiences of homelessness.

Fox also discusses their diverse approach to programs, which include permanent supportive housing for people who have been chronically homeless, night shelter, hosting homeless court, transitional housing, case management and their mobile meal trucks. Want more information about Arcata House Partnership? Visit

Point in Time Homeless Count stats –

–        There are approximately 1,600 homeless people in Humboldt County,
450 are children

–        50% of the homeless population has mental Health issues

–        45% are physically disabled

–        37% are survivors of domestic violence

–        And 20% are chronically homeless


To listen to Amy’s conversation with Fox Olson click the following link:    


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  1. I spent a couple of days in Arcata last summer as I hiked from LA to northern Oregon. From what I gathered the law wasn’t too kind to the homeless there. I will definitely check out

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