Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | October 20, 2013

10/21/13 Host Corinne Frugoni Discusses The ACA and Single Payer Health Care With Shannon Miller, Chair of “Health Care For All-California.”

October 1st launched open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act’s Health Insurance Exchanges that will offer uninsured Californians health insurance starting January 1st, 2014.  The Affordable Care Act a.k.a Obamacare is the most important restructuring of our health care system since the institution of Medicare in 1966.  There are modest benefits but it is mired with added layers of bureaucracy and is dominated by the private for-profit insurance industry.  That means that billions of health care dollars are siphoned off for overhead, profit for shareholders and exorbitant salaries for the companies’ CEOs. Cost savings are not made at the administrative level, but instead are instituted by limiting patient choices for care, by cutting salaries of health care providers and by increasing premiums and co-pays as the years go by.  The unending paperwork demanded of physicians, nurses and hospitals continues. Millions of Americans will continue to be uninsured.                                                                                  hightower_cartoon

In contrast, a single-payer, improved Medicare-for-all system would provide truly universal, comprehensive coverage, health security for all Americans. It would do so by replacing private insurers with a single, nonprofit agency like Medicare that pays all medical bills, streamlines administration and reins in costs for medications and other supplies through its bargaining clout.  The government would finance our health care but would not interfere with the delivery of health care.                                                                                                        david-horsey-cartoon20091016

Can we support both the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and work towards developing a Single Payer Health Care System?

As the notion of healthcare becomes more connected to being a citizen of the United States, as opposed to being an employee of a particular corporation or a member of a particular union, the notion of health care as a right for all residents can take root.  And as we sign up for health insurance without the guarantee of  comprehensive health care, we may begin to understand that a Single Payer Health System for all Americans is a very viable solution.

The Affordable Care Act provides an opening for states to develop their own health care systems beginning in 2017 as long as their plan would provide the same coverage as the ACA.  California can lead the way.

Shannon Miller, chair of Health Care For All, a volunteer organization dedicated to achieving a universal health care system through single-payer public financing. Their goal, along with many other organizations is for all California residents to have access to comprehensive, high quality health care. Shannon is an Enrolled Agent with her own business in Santa Barbara, California. She works with individuals, small businesses, and nonprofits, many adversely affected by health care costs.

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