Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | September 2, 2013

9-2-2013 Host Emma Breacain Speaks with Reluctant Endometriosis Activist Carrie Joyce Fowler

Carrie Joyce Fowler for Emma 9-2-2013Like one in every ten women of childbearing age, 31 year old Carrie Joyce Fowler lives with a painful and common condition called endometriosis. In Humboldt County alone, an estimated 3,900 to 6,500 women know first hand what Fowler is going through, but she has found a lot of silence and misunderstanding on the topic, and some computer spell-checkers do not even recognize the word endometriosis.

“I think it’s because it’s a gynecological issue. People who have it are embarrassed to talk about it, and their friends are embarrassed to ask.”

Furthermore, one of Fowler’s doctor’s warned her, “women’s health gets the short end of the funding stick.” Ouch. Perhaps that is why no real cause or cure for endometriosis has been discovered, and the treatments available (surgery, hormones) have made minimal advancement over the decades.

Another doctor warned Fowler “It’s not going to end your life, but it will take your life.” Well, great. What’s a gal with endometriosis supposed to do? Lie around in crippling pain, fretting over missed work days and strained personal relationships? Unfortunately, that’s exactly what a lot of endometriosis patients have to do, and plenty of it.

Fowler is looking for some comfort and solidarity. She is seeking her tribe. She knows there are many women in the Humboldt area who will benefit from each other’s experience and support, and she is endeavoring to start Humboldt County’s first endometriosis support group. It hasn’t got a name or a structure in place yet, Fowler is going to let that be part of the group effort.

Carrie Joyce Fowler for Emma 9-2-2013 morris and me

If you would like to join Carrie Joyce Fowler in her mission to unite Humboldt’s endometriosis patients and either demand a cure or at least take solace in each other’s shared experience and mutual understanding, she invites you to check out her blog and contact her at to help get a movement started.

For more information about endometriosis, Fowler recommends the Endometriosis Foundation of America,, the personal blog Yellow Paper Dress,, and of course her own blog, Iron Lotus,
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  1. Maybe one day there will be a cure. In order to do that the millions of us have to band together and demand research. It is difficult for a few men to say no to millions of women! I am with you Carrie!

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