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July 29,2013 Host Kathleen Marshall Speaks With First Time Novelist Maureen Dudley About Book 1 of a Planned Trilogy, The Plateau: Voices of the Earth

Maureen Dudley worked as an environmental engineer for the State of Colorado, local governments, and as an independent consultant.  After 20 years she decided it was time for something new; or rather, time to take a new approach to the same environmental concerns she grappled with during her entire professional career.  She turned to creative writing.Maureen Dudley

Her debut novel, The Plateau: Voices of the Earth, the first book of a planned trilogy, asks people to think about the potential consequences modern day human activity has on the earth and its inhabitants, not just the human ones.  She writes knowledgeably about endangered species, threatened species, the Endangered Species Act and the Kyoto Accord, among others, using well-developed characters, their struggles, joys, triumphs and challenges, as a vehicle for the great question:  What can be done NOW to create a sustainable future?

Her answer?  First we raise awareness.The Plateau Voices of the Earth

The Plateau: Voices of the Earth does just that.  It is a highly readable futuristic/ science fiction novel that begins her trilogy with awakening.  By the end Maureen has not provided any pat or easy answers, but asks the reader to continue on a journey of discovery with her main characters, Catherine and Keitha, in the next installment.

I don’t know about you, but I question the choices and decisions I make in my daily life against an internal, environmentally ‘conscious’ checklist.  A list that grows, evolves and devolves on any given day.  Sometimes it’s agonizing.

I look forward to the second installment of her trilogy, knowing that even as I struggle to make good choices, others with little to no awareness of the environmental consequences of modern life, may struggle more.  In Maureen they will have an entertaining, and fact-based guide.  I’m not sure that, in the end, Maureen’s vision and/or conclusions will make our decisions any easier, but I will be happy to have read her books.

To learn more about Maureen Dudley and her debut novel The Plateau: The Voices of the Earth visit her website at


To listen to Kathleen’s conversation with Maureen Dudley click the following link    

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