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July 22, 2013 Host Emma Breacain Speaks With Kati Texas and Yvonne Doble, Directors of North Star Quest Camp for Girls

North Star Quest Camp for GirlsThe middle school years have long been recognized as a time of transition, rapid growth, and confusion. Each new day may (or may not!) bring betrayal from a trusted friend or from one’s own body. As a society we have long recognized the challenge of this life stage, and generations of artists from Judd Apatow to John Hughes to Judy Blume have mined the dizzying highs and soul shattering lows of these in between years for comedy and drama.
North Star Quest Camp For Girls has established itself as “a beacon of light to help us find our way when it’s dark … We strive to help girls find the North Star inside themselves.” Girls entering grades 6, 7 or 8 are invited to camp in beautiful Southern Humboldt where they can develop their confidence, self respect and communication skills in between sessions of arts and crafts, swimming, live music, self defense classes and a talent show, all punctuated by bountiful, healthy meals.
North Star Quest Campers
Today’s interview with Camp Director Kati Texas and Emotional Support Staff (better known on site as “Camp Mom,”) Yvonne Doble, offers an overview into how North Star Quest helps girls navigate the trials of growing up, with descriptions of how a typical day at this atypical summer camp unfolds. Each day ends with a hug or a fist bump (whatever the camper needs) from Camp Mom, and on the final night of camp’s five day session, the girls are given a candle and shown that “you can light a thousand candles and never lose your own light.”
                                                      North Star Quest Camper Circle
And the question the directors of North Star Quest Camp For Girls get most often? “When are you starting North Star Quest Camp For Women?” We’ll be waiting patiently, ladies.
For more information about North Star Quest Camp for Girls visit their website at
To listen to and/or download an mp3 of Emma Breacain speaking with Kati Texas and Yvonne Doble about the North Star Quest Camp for Girls click the following link:     7-22-2013 Emma Breacain North Star Quest Camp for Girls

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