Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | June 10, 2013

June 10, 2013 Host Corinne Frugoni Interviews Caroline Warner, Creator of the Audio Narrative “Enough to Love”

avatars-000002103174-8puxjp-t200x200Caroline Warner is a yoga teacher, certified massage therapist and outreach consultant for the San Francisco Bay Joint Venture, a Bay Area partnership working to protect wetlands for wildlife.

She volunteers with the Threshold Choir singing in the Marin County jail and at the bedside of people who are transitioning toward death.  She describes herself as a very active auntie, godmother to 4 and loving presence/friend to many kids who are the children of her friends.

 In 2010, Caroline  taped the stories of 200 women who by “choice or chance” do not have children and blended it with her own story to create a 15 minute narrative that explores the life journeys of these women.  The voices you hear explore the profound feelings and thoughts these women went through and what they are doing with their love and lives.

Today’s interview with Caroline explores her own personal journey and the insights she attained as she listened to other women’s stories.

If you already have children, or you don’t, or you are trying to make one of the most important decisions in your life, this narrative illuminates the paths women without children have taken and empowers all women to choose who, what and how to love.

If you would like to hear this moving audio narrative in full, go to

To listen to Corinne Frugoni’s conversation with Caroline Warner click the following link:    




  1. Thank you for including me in your program Corinne. I’m happy to connect with anyone who listened and wants to explore the topic

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