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January 7, 2013 – Host Corinne Frugoni Interviews Visual Artist Amy Uyeki.

AU2-I Was A Sri Lankan Housewife pcAmy Uyeki is a visual artist who works in several different media: oil pastel, woodcut and linocut printmaking, monotypes andsoft pastels.

Uyeki graduated with an arts degree form the University of Kansas, with additional years of arts training from Washington University in St. Louis and the New School of Visual Concepts in Seattle.  She has been a recipient of the California Arts Council Artist in Residence program for many ears, and received a CAC Visual Arts Fellowship for Printmaking.  She has received numerous grants and fellowships and arts awards, statewide and nationally.

With funding through the Humboldt Area Foundation, the California State Library Civil Liberties Education Program, the N.P.S. Confinement Sites Preservation Program, KEET-TV, a public television station in Eureka, California recently collaborated with Amy Uyeki to create a one hour long documentary that focused on the big bands that proliferated in the Japanese American assembly centers and incarceration camps from 1942-1945.    Interwoven with the interviews of former musicians and singers and archival footage was black and white animation derived from original woodcuts and drawings by Uyeki. This documentary was recently aired on PBS stations nationwide.   mess hall dance

“I’ve been fascinated with simple, recognizable shapes – human, natural and man made – that can connote passages and stages.  They often carry a bevy of human emotions.  I combine and juxtapose these elements to create a narrative in each painting.

I like variety in my life, which is reflected in my artwork, both in the medium used and the subject matter, as well…Life experiences have a way of filtering into my images, intentional or not.  My heritage as a third generation Japanese American has also been explored through visual imagery.”

Amy Uyeki lives with her husband and two daughters in the redwoods of California.



Click the following link to listen to host Corinne Frugoni’s conversation with Amy Uyeki aired on Through the Eyes of Women 1/7/2013

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