Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | December 9, 2012

December 10, 2012 Host Kathleen Marshall Speaks with Retired Architect and Author, Wendy Bertrand, about Her Memoir, Enamored With Place, As Woman + As Architect

Author Wendy Bertrand

Author Wendy Bertrand

In her recently published memoir, Enamored With Place, As Woman + As Architect, Wendy Bertrand recalls her childhood, the influence of her independent, single mother, and her lifelong love affair with place.  Her decision to pursue architecture came after a year of world-wide travel, her marriage followed by years of living in France, motherhood, study at L’ecole de Beaux Arts in France, and, finally her return to the United States.  She made her career as an architect in the United States Navy and describes her experience of the practice of architecture as patriarchal.  She has long advocated for the incorporation of feminine sensibilities in the world of architecture and in the buildings that architects design.EwP cover only

Since retiring from architecture she has developed her interest in weaving, incorporating architectural shapes and structure into the rugs she weaves.  She has also published two full-color Rug Retrospectives on her woven works.

To learn more about Wendy please visit her website at

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