Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | September 24, 2012

Sept. 24: Lynette Mullen Talks with Julie Fulkerson & Alex Stillman About the History of the Arcata Plaza & Business Community

On September 24, host Lynette Mullen welcomes local community leaders Julie Fulkerson and Alex Stillman.  

Julie founded Plaza Design, served on the Arcata City Council and as a Humboldt County supervisor and continues to be an active supporter of the arts, economic development and other areas of county improvement. 

Alex Stillman currently serves on the Arcata City Council (as she did in the 1970s), has owned various Arcata Plaza businesses,  is active in historic preservation efforts and many economic development and other community activities.

These two vibrant, dynamic women and friends discuss their memories of the Arcata Plaza and business community in the 1970s, the changes they’ve witnessed over time and their hopes  for the area’s future.


  1. This was a great listening experience. As one who experienced saw the growth these women and others gave to Arcata and all of Humboldt county, it was a gift. I left Arcata 25 years ago and feel very grateful for the times I get to return. Thank you.
    Trudi White

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