Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | July 22, 2012

July 23, 2012 Host Corinne Frugoni interviews Rabia O’Loren about her most recent trip to Pakistan

Some of you may recall that last year on this show I interviewed Rabia O’Loren about her work with women living in the Swat Valley in  remote northern Pakistan. Rabia O’Loren is known for staying up late into the night baking delicious gourmet confections.  Her passion became a serious preoccupation when she found it could help finance a better life for women in rural Pakistan. While anti-American sentiments continue to mount in Pakistan, this Humboldt social worker has diligently continued her work to improve the condition of women who live in the remote Swat Valley. Some of you may see Rabia selling her delectable baked goods along with some lovely Pakistani craft items and embroidery outside the North Coast Co-op in Arcata in order to raise funds for the projects she is working on to improve the condition of women in the Swat Valley. 

Rabia writes:

“Is there anything more important than good health, or at least when we do not have it, then the rest of our life suffers. This is our biggest concern at this point in time, working together with Swat Relief Initiative. The way we are raising money for this work is by selling items made by the women of Ladore (Mussarat Ahmedzeb is the founder of this company) The items are very well made, and we feel will be appreciated in the west. In this way we can share the arts of Swat, help the women earn a living, and the profit from selling these beautiful items will go to support the Health Initiative! It is a win -win program!”

Here is a recipe of one of Rabia’s delicious confections:

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