Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | April 2, 2012

April 2, 2012 Kathy Marshall Speaks with Local Author Barbara Caldwell About her Newly Published Book ‘Your Hardship is Not a Permanent Situation’.

Barbara Caldwell, PhD, is the Executive Director of the local office of a nationally and internationally active non-profit organization.  She has worked in that capacity for 8 years.  Her recently published book Your Hardship is Not a Permanent Situation chronicles her journey through mortgage refinancing hell.

Barbara had dreamed of homeownership for years, but remained a renter until 2006.  In late 2005 one of her sons suggested buying a home together.  He was fully employed making a good salary with a financial institution in San Francisco.  Between the two they qualified for a substantial loan.  It was a low down payment, adjustable rate loan; the same type of loan that was being recommended for millions of new home owners across the nation.  Unfortuately, in 2006 home prices were at an all time high, and shortly after purchasing the house the housing market began to collapse, along with the US economy.  By 2008 her son’s salary had dropped significantly and he could no longer afford to help with the mortgage payments; and it was time to refinance their home loan.  It was then that Barbara started her journey through a mortgage refinancing nightmare.

Her self-published book Your Hardship is Not a Permanent Situation gets its title from her second denial and is a direct quote from that denial letter.  Her book is a personal account of her fear of losing her home, the stress she suffered trying to save it, including a life threatening health scare, and friendship found in surprising places.  Copies of her book are available through

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