Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | September 19, 2011

September 19, 2011 Host Amy Jester Interviews Workforce Consultant Rebecca Ryan.

Rebecca Ryan

Rebecca Ryan is a human sparkplug. She’s NGC’s founder, author of Live First, Work Second, and our evangelist-in-residence. As our top-requested speaker, Rebecca motivates and informs on how to prepare for next generation issues at work, in communities, and beyond.

Part economist, part humorist, Rebecca makes data dance. (And sometimes she dances, too!)

Richard Florida, author of the best selling The Rise of the Creative Class and a rock star economist says, “I am a HUGE Rebecca Ryan fan. If you’ve ever seen Rebecca speak, as I have, you know that she has an engaging and cutting edge style of giving companies and comunities realistic and candid advice.”

Maybe that’s why Women in Communication named her “Communicator of the Year,” and why she was a semi-finalist in Fast Company magazine’s Fast 50 Awards. Rebecca commands attention — and delivers clear take-home value – to CEO’s, Executive Directors, Mayors, Governors, elected officials, and large assemblies committed to building better places to live and work…for the next generation, and all generations.

When you hire Rebecca for your event, she won’t:

■Read her slides to the audience;

■Act like a demanding diva before, during or after the event;

■Project charts with 12-point font and expect the audience to see it;

■Insult your audience or their intelligence.Here’s what Rebecca will do (and has done consistently for audiences around the world since 1998):

■Tell the truth about what it takes to engage the next generation. (And when the truth is hard to hear, she’ll make it funny.)

■Make data dance. Rebecca knows that executives love numbers, but she takes it a step further and animates the research with stories, wit and insight about how NGC’s clients make that data come to life;

■Have fun, and help your attendees see their strengths as the next generation sees them; and

■Invest more time after her presentation with the key decision makers who can help bring about change. In this smaller, more intimate meeting, Rebecca welcomes a candid discussion where key officials can ask the tough questions, and she can offer more specific advice and counsel.

Rebecca’s message and speaking style is not for everyone. If you have uptight, change-resistant participants who can’t laugh, and aren’t willing to make investments in their future, please stop reading right now and google “speakers who make us feel comfortable with the status quo.”


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