Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | June 6, 2011

June 6, 2011 Host Danielle Orr Speaks with Cycling Guru Melanie Williams.

Melanie Williams, M. A.
Active Transportation Specialist

I am an avid cyclist. I use my bike to commute, raise funds for worthy causes, tour and stay fit. I’m motivated to bike by my commitment to social and environmental justice, for biking isn’t only incredibly fun and tremendously liberating, more often than not, it’s frankly the right thing to do.

As an educator by profession, I enjoy teaching children and adults to become safe, competent and confident cyclists and pedestrians.

You can learn skills including fixing a flat, fitting and buying a helmet or bike, carrying a load, riding with children, negotiating traffic, and transporting your bike to commute or vacation.

Employers seeking to increase employee health and fitness, evaluate their worksite facilities, or offer in-house presentations to pedestrians, cyclists, or motorist in their workforce can access a series of fast paced, interactive, often hands-on course offerings.

Melanie’s Favorite Rides

Epic One Day Rides

The Death Ride : Five Passes 129 miles 16,000’ of climbing

Markleeville, CA 2003 and 2004

RAMROD Ride Around Mount Rainer in One Day
154 miles 10,000’ climbing


Bregenz, Austria Loop of Tirol and Bavaria 2010



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