Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | May 16, 2011

May 16, 2011 Host Amy Jester Speaks with The Prenatal and Post Partum Mood Disorders Task Force.

Mary Scott
Kim Burgell
Micki Alaine

Maternal, Child & Adolescent Health (MCAH)

The Humboldt County Maternal Child Health Branch receives funding from the State Department of Maternal Child Health. Local health offices develop and coordinate MCH services, and administer special projects in the area of maternal and child health, provide professional and community health education, and conduct the programs listed below.


MCAH Vision and Mission Statement


Humboldt County is a safe and nurturing community that values and empowers families to reach their full emotional, intellectual, spiritual, economic, cultural and physical potential.


Recognizing that community and social environment are powerful determinants of health and defining health in the broadest context, the Maternal Child and Adolescent Health Division of the Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Branch serves the health care needs of women of childbearing age, infants, children and teens.


Activities include administration of federal, state and county programs that provide planning, development, interagency coordination of services, data collection, problem analysis and priority setting and policy development.


  1. All women, infants, children and adolescents in Humboldt County have full access to preventive care, and health and dental care.
  2. Collaborating health and social services agencies, human service organizations, education agencies, the faith community, law enforcement and community members work together to assure a safe, nurturing environment that promotes optimal development

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