Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | April 4, 2011

April 4, 2011 Host Kathy Srabian: Actively Listening to Architecture with Professor Valija Evands.

Professor Valija Evands is passionate in her goal of stimulating people to see the world around them actively rather than passively.   “Architecture can be used for good or for evil’, she says.  She explains the manner in which buildings are created and placed can inspire community, create awe for the powers that be or even try to influence your sex life.

How is your life experience influenced by the square in Arcata?   What does the fence around the three-story Carson Mansion tell you if you are listening?  Does it matter that so many of our buildings, our supermarkets, and our malls and service buildings are constructed in a way that is both impersonal and seemingly temporary?  We live the message of our surroundings.

Professor Valija earned a PhD from Yale in Art History.  Her focus is material culture, the history of dress and the built environment. She believes that to inspire others to become conscious of the language of our human created physical surroundings creates a wider and inspiring vision of what is possible for our conceivable future, especially our built environment.  She is currently working on a History of the Apron.

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