Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | February 6, 2011

February 7th 2011 Host Damielle Orr Interviews Former Congresswoman Pat Schroeder.


 photo: Kappie Spencer

PAT SCHROEDER won election for Congress in Colorado’s first district In 1972 and was re-elected eleven times. A Democrat, she became the first woman to serve on the House Armed Services Committee and was a prime mover behind the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Schroeder left Congress in 1997, undefeated after serving 24 years. An early supporter of legalized abortion, she sponsored legislation making it a federal crime to obstruct access to women’s clinics; in 1991 she expedited the National Security Committee’s vote to allow women to fly combat missions. She was a leader in issues of education, a champion of free speech and a strong advocate for protecting intellectual property rights and reinforcing the creative incentive for developing intellectual property, which she continues to do as president and CEO of the Association of American Book Publishers.

She is as well known, though, for saying of Ronald Reagan, “He’s just like a Teflon frying pan: Nothing sticks to him.”

This information and photo are borrowed from the Veteran Feminists of America Website.

Thank you to Mainstream Media Project for their assistance with this show.

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