Posted by: Through the Eyes of Women | January 10, 2011

January 10th, 2011 Host Kathy Srabian Speaks with Cetacean Expert Joan Ocean.

We have recently heard in the news and on local blogs of citizens’ concerns regarding the Navy’s plan to increase sonar testing off of our coast.  The Navy plans to use sonar that has been shown to kill or harm marine life. Whales are especially susceptible to the use of sonar with most cases of mass stranding occurring after exposure to Navy testing.  Necropsies  of several of the stranded beaked whales have found gas bubbles in their veins, suggesting that the whales became disoriented and rose too quickly from the depths that they frequent. This is the condition referred to as the bends in divers; it is painful and can be fatal.

My guest this week is Joan Ocean.  Joan is a 30-year researcher of dolphins and whales and a resident of Kona, Hawaii.  Joan shares some of her amazing experiences with whales and explains how after a suit filed by the State of Hawaii to halt Navy sonar use in Hawaiian waters failed in the high courts, she and other whale protectors were only able to stop the use of sonar by getting in the water while the Navy was running their tests.


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